ROBERT ROOT a member of The Real Estate Institute of Zimbabwe, was founded in February 1958 by Mr. Robert Lang Root.  He immigrated to Zimbabwe from the United Kingdom where he gained extensive knowledge of the property business and after practicing in Johannesburg for a few years he settled down in Harare with his wife Isla Root.

Together they successfully ran ROBERT ROOT with Mr Root attending to the property business and Mrs Root controlling the finance.  Initially Robert Root was located in two office’s on the second floor of the travel centre but thankfully in December 2001 the company acquired and developed it’s own premises in the Avenues which is the current main offices of ROBERT ROOT.

The company originally dealt exclusively with commercial and industrial property until October 1998 by which time it built up an enviable portfolio of properties under management which it still has.  At this time its advertising slogan was “Business  Property and Nothing Else”.  Now having expanded again and solidified our position in the Industry, we firmly believe our new slogan ‘Our Experience - Your Advantage’.

In October 1998 the residential sales division was started with two sales negotiators and it has now grown to 27 experienced sales negotiators and will continue to expand with each new venture.  We have an impressive sales portfolio and believe in a hands on approach and a personal and professional service to all of our sellers and purchasers.  We are confident that we will continue to grow in the future and we look forward to the opportunities that will come our way.

In September 2006 Ali Rees set up a very productive rentals department and it has since flourished and continues to have an impressive selection of properties that literally fly off the shelf.  She is firmly established in Harare and recognised for her attention to detail and her excellent property management system.

Robert Root will continue to grow and we have no doubt that we will offer new and exciting ventures in the future.  We are positive that we are progressing into the new year with an optimistic attitude and we look forward to dealing with you in 2017.