Chirp of the Month - 'Good judgement comes from experience, alot of that comes from bad judgement'.


Welcome 2017 – we are ready for you!

In our 59th year of operating in the property business in Zimbabwe, we are more than ever able to offer you a quality service in the industry – be it Sales, Commercial, Residential or Industrial Management, or Valuation.

This year, for strategic and streamlining purposes for our operations, we will move the Avondale West Branch of our business. This will be accommodated in the Chisipite Office (1 Kent Road, Tel: 498 303, 498 724), and we are very happy to advise that all the Negotiators and support staff from the Avondale Branch will continue with us there.

To all of our existing Clients, we thank you for your business; we will continue to act in your very best interest. We send our best wishes for 2017. To those who would like to find out more of what services we can offer, please do not hesitate to contact us at the details given herein.

Our experience – your advantage...

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